Advertising Opportunities

Show your support of arts and culture in our region by advertising in our Concert Program Journals. The journals are colorful, entertaining booklets providing concert information and much more:  scholarly notes of the music to be played, profiles of the artists, “Meet Our Musicians” features and more.

Your ad in full color can be full-, half- or quarter-page size, or business card sizes.  Back cover and inside front and back covers are also available for added impact.

GBS can assist in creating art for your ad at a small added fee.  Your art may change during the season up to three times, so that you can feature upcoming events with more punch.

Full-season advertising rates are as follows:

Full Page $950
Half Page $500
Quarter Page $350
Business Card $175

Note:  these rates are prorated during the season. For 2022-23, the rates for the four concerts (Nov.-Dec.-March-April) are $760/$400/$280/$140 respectively.  The rates for the last concert journal only will be $190/$100/$70/$35 respectively.

Your ad will be featured in the journals themselves, as well on on-line postings of the journals and a mention (with logo if desired) on our Supporters’ Page.